Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Long Trip

A Long Trip

Anything had to be better
Than this place for me,
So I traveled the world
By land, air and sea.

Europe was beautiful
It’s castles, it’s people, it’s charm,
But something was still missing
So I had to move on.

Africa and Asia
Much beauty surrounded by hunger and strife,
Australia and South America
Wide open spaces, a lonely life.

Then one day I realized
Sitting and thinking all alone,
Time to pack my bags
And find the shortest road home.

Shortly after my return
To my little home town,
I knew this was the place
Where I would settle down.

I will visit other places
Both far and near,
But never again will I leave
The place, that my heart holds dear.

Angelika Joy
Picture credit goes to myself...My backyard

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