Sunday, August 31, 2008


My little island
Surrounded by sapphire seas,
A warm tropical breeze blowing
All is serene and at ease.

A lounge chair and umbrella
On a beach of white silky sand.
Listening to the sounds
Of a distant steel drum band.

A tropical drink
Flavored with coconut and rum,
And a deeply browned body
Absorbing the hot island sun.

I have found my paradise
And I wish I could stay,
I must return to reality
But I will come back another day.

Angelika Joy
July 2007 ©

Photo credit goes to...Paradise by s2... at

Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Star

A star that shines
In the sky so bright
A star to watch over me
Through the long dark night.

Oh beautiful star
Shining brightly above
Please fill my dreams
With hope and love.

As the Earth revolves
So follows the night
That every creature on Earth
May share your bright light.

And just remember…

For every star that twinkles
On a clear winter’s night
A soul has gone to heaven
And now shines bright.

A. Joy
Picture credit goes to Wallace for this digital art called 'light2:Star Kiss' from

Friday, August 29, 2008

In your Memory

I will love thee
All my days,
I will love thee
In so many ways.
I will love thee
When I am left alone.
I will love thee
When your memory is all I own.

I will think of thee
When I am overcome with fear,
I will think of thee
And you will be near.
I will think of thee
Just after I awake,
I will think of thee
Until the last breath I take.

I will be with thee
When my time is at end,
I will be with thee
My love, my friend.
I will be with thee
No longer we’ll be apart
I will be with thee
Once again, heart to heart.

Angelika. Joy
The picture credit entitled ' You Know Why' goes to hearthy from

Believe Me When I Tell You…

Life is funny
The directions we choose
Some being wealth and fortune
Others you loose.

With an open mind
Examine your heart and soul,
The things most important to you
Are your ultimate goal.

Many paths lie before you
And the directions may not be clear,
Hold on to what you believe
And the things you hold dear.

Family and friends
And the necessities of living,
Don’t forget the rewards
Of sharing and giving.

In youth define your goal
Work hard, be a bit of a miser,
For you’ll appreciate the rewards
When you’re older and wiser.

Living in the past
Serves you no purpose
Invest wisely in your future
Make your investments diversive.

Now sit yourself down
And decide your fate
No matter how old
It’s never too late.

Angelika Joy
© June 2005
Credit for the picture entitled 'Another Place' goes to mamazmeilor at

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Moment in Time

Shadows cast upon the land
The land of winter’s snow,
Shadows cast long and deep
From a gentle full moon’s glow.

Peaceful and quiet
The Earth is at rest,
I am on this Earth
Just a short term guest.

My life is but a minute
Between the future and the past,
It will vanish just as quickly
As the shadows the moon has cast.

Angelika Joy

© 2007
Credit for the picture entitled 'Sleepless Nights' goes to skybase at

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


The problem with doing nothing is that you don't know when you are done.