Friday, September 19, 2008

Why Nana Hasn't Written Sooner

Dear Riley,

I am so sorry that I haven't written to you sooner but I have been away on a quest.

Three weeks ago, Uncle Mick was mowing the lawn on Pappa's riding mower when all of a sudden it stalled right in the middle of a fairy circle. Uncle Mick tried to jump off right away but it was too late. He disppeared right before my eyes...POOF and he was gone. I tried to hold on to him but the force was too strong. I immediately ran as fast as I could and grabbed my magic bag, the sword of inches and my invisible cape and jumped into the hole in the circle to try and rescue Uncle Mick.

To my surprise, I found that the fairy circle tunnels were very different. Instead of turning in smooth spirals they were whipping around and around. There was lightening, dark clouds and a green mist was floating everywhere. Every exit that I went to was blocked and the pressure was building to an explosive level. I could feel the tunnels shaking and the walls were stretched and creaking. I knew right away that something evil was happening underground. I slipped on my invisible cape and set out to find Uncle Mick. I knew that without his magic things, he could not survive for long.

I traveled the tunnels for three days and not a sign of Uncle Mick. I feared the worst. I was sure that something had eaten him but on the next day, I found Pappa's riding lawn mower and there was a note on it from Uncle Mick. He told me that he had to leave there in a hurry because there was a large band of Schnorkels hunting him. He told me that he would try to make his way to the Golden Gates of Atlantis where he would go to capture the Schnorkle king. He feared that the Schnorkle king must have escaped from the dungeon that we had put him in three hundred years ago and he knew that the king had to be captured and put back into the dungeon.

I knew that Uncle Mick's quest was going to be very hard so I put a spell on the Sword of Inches and turned it into the Sword of Wings. I covered myself and the Sword of Wings with the invisible cape and I flew like the wind towards the Golden Gates of Atlantis.

After three more days of flying, I finally reached the Golden Gates. I was surprised to find them closed but just as I looked up, there, standing on top of the middle gate was Uncle Mick. He motioned to me to hurry, so I flew up and as I was going over, I grabbed onto Uncle Mick and we both flew down the other side to safety.

We searched all of Atlantis for the next three days but could not find the King of the Schnorkels. We were just about to give up when we saw a giant Pheonix and sure enough, the King of the Schnorkles was trying to fly away on it. Uncle Mick and I got back on to the Sword of Wings and flew three thousand feet up into the sky to do battle with him. We flew very fast and as we were catching up to him, I handed Uncle Mick my magic bag. Luckily, I had packed my fireballs. As we got even closer, I made a sharp turn and Uncle Mick threw three fireballs at him. They were all a direct hit! The Phoenix began to fall down, down, down, until he hit the ground with a great thud. We followed it down in a very steep dive, three hundred feet downward every three seconds, and when we reached the ground, we found that the King of the Schnorkels had been knocked out in the crash.

Well, to make a long story short, we tied him up with my magic rope and put him back into the dungeon in Atlantis. The giant Phoenix was ok, he had just hurt his tail and wings. I put a spell on him to guard the King of the Schnorkles and never let him escape again.

The fairy tunnels are now back to normal and Uncle Mick and I made it back safely. We even managed to save Pappa's riding mower. Of course, the puppies were very happy to see us and they jumped and barked and licked our faces when we came home. And, Pappa was very happy that we saved his riding lawn mower too.


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Jamie of ItsieBitsies said...

ohh . . . Angi! So fun. LOVE the sword of inches, that is too good! I bet Riley loves that letter and will have it read over and over.