Sunday, February 8, 2009

Adjusting to the Times

I am, by no means, an economist nor do I know what needs to be done to fix these trying times in which we live. I do, however, know that my values revolve around my family, friends and the local economy in which I live and work. For me, plasic has become cash, handmade has become my choice over mass produced and American made has become my choice over imported. Etsy is a wonderful source of handmade products for home and gift giving. This Valentine's Day, Easter, birthdays and any gift giving, will be done by supporting the artisans on Etsy and locally in my community. For a vacation this year, I plan on visiting a local resort. I live in Western Montana and have never been to Glacier National Park or Custer's Battlefield National Park, both of which are within driving distance for me. How sad is that. I would like to encourage everyone to look around, it's amazing what you can find that you never knew existed or took for granted. I believe that fixing the World begins with fixing ourselves first and eventually, everything will trickle up. For my family, this is the year of local discovery.


Judy Elizabeth said...


Your blog is beautiful! I love the picture at the top, what a gorgeous feels like I can walk right into this idyllic spot! The reflection of the mountain in the water and the wild flowers on the bank! Wonderful! The black background really sets everything off. Made my day! Thanks, Judy Elizabeth

justathought said...

Thank you so much Judy...such kind words. I have always loved that picture takes me away to a place that I remember from long ago.