Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Encounter

While walking through the forest
On a beautiful Spring day
I came upon a meadow
I believe it was in May.

The wildflowers were blooming
The colors so vivid and bright
I was hoplessly enchanted
I stayed far into the night.

I couldn't help but wonder
How this meadow could be so lush
When I heard a sound a'stirring
In the thick underbrush.

I sat there very quiet
When much to my surprise
A little Gnome came forward
The moon twinkling in his eyes.

He carried a rake and shovel
The tools of his trade
He went to work very quickly
And what a commotion he made.

He snipped and he clipped
Made each blade of grass stand tall
Then he slowly stepped back
And admired it all.

He looked up at the sky
And suddenly there came
A small, dark cloud
And it began to rain.

The rain was a soft mist
Just a very gentle shower
So as not to harm the petals
On even a single flower.

Suddenly, he looked over
And saw me sitting there
He smiled and winked at me
Showing no fear or care.

He walked around again
This time without a rush
When all of a sudden
He disappeared into the brush.

I awoke the next morning
Not believing what I had seen
For I was fairly certain
This had all just been a dream.

I started to rise
It was time to go home
T'was then I saw the sign
It read,'Planted by a Gnome'.

Angelika Joy

Copyright 2006


Donna Ridgway said...

Angi, this is wonderful! I enjoyed it so much...

justathought said...

Thank you so much Donna...there's more that I have written and haven't posted yet...soon.

Judy Elizabeth said...

Angi, your blog, pictures, and writings are so lovely! Where was the picture taken of photo at the beginning of your blog? My Gram was from Ireland and she would tell me tales of the "wee people". I remember seeing trees that had been repaired because of insects or disease with cement patches and I would knock on the little patch because it looked like a door. It certaily was fun to have a good imagination about where the wee people were. Your story reminded me of those days, thank you! Hugs, Judy Elizabeth

justathought said...

Hi Judy,
I'm not sure where that picture was taken. I change them so often to keep my blog new and different. Most of the pictures are found when I google. I like to find pictures that inspire thought and fuel the imagination. Thank you so much for your lovely comments and sharing your thoughts with me. Have a great day.